Mohsin Marchent

Count those calories (CTC) is founded by Mohsin Merchant.

A B.Com graduate who is also a sports enthusiast, played professional cricket, felt the need of fitness in daily life as well as sports . He is a certified fitness trainer, a certified nutritionist and to add to glory he is a senior facuilty at IFSI- one of the leading fitness academy in India.

How do we work?

We not only provide you with nutrition plans but also work on your exercise schedule. These services are available online as well as offline from our certified CTC team.

What ever you eat is actually a habit. We focused on making you eat good food and thus change your eating behavior. In many cases you may fail as behavior doesn't change overnight, but we would always keep motivating you and keep your mindset positive. We would study your lifestyle and your realistic diet plans which want be difficult to follow and still be result oriented.